Track of the Day: Nérija “Riverfest” (2019)

Contemporary jazz septet Nérija have this week announced plans to release their debut album, Blume, on August 2nd. To coincide with the announcement they’ve also dropped a taste of the album, in the shape of “Riverfest”.

“Riverfest” and Blume were recorded in London’s legendary Soup Studios and produced by Kwes. The group’s goal of the album was simply to capture the rawness, warmth, joy and spirit of their relationship and performance. Based on listening to this track, they would seem to have succeeded in their goal. 

Written and composed by the whole band, and featuring solos from Shirley Tetteh and Rio Kai, “Riverfest”, is vibrant, effervescent and captures the freedom and feeling of a live performance. It’s a masterclass in playing as a collective and should be more than enough to get fans and newcomers alike excited for Blume come August. 

Fans of the contemporary jazz scene will likely already be somewhat familiar with Nérija, or at least some of the seven musicians that make up the group. Nérija features Nubya Garcia on tenor saxophone, Sheila Maurice-Grey on trumpet, Cassie Kinoshi on alto saxophone, Rosie Turton on trombone, Shirley Tetteh on guitar, Lizy Exell on drums, and finally Rio Kai on the bass.

“Riverfest” is available now. Debut album Blume is due for release on August 2nd via Domino Records, and can be pre-ordered on vinyl/CD HERE or pre-saved onto Spotify HERE. You can also find Nérija on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Header Photo: Perry Gibson

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