Track of the Day: Harmony Byrne “Demise” (2019)

Melbourne based singer Harmony Byrne’s debut recording “Demise” is a sensitive and stirring track that clocks in at seven and a half minutes. Part gospel, soul, blues and psychedelic, the ex-Mormon church singer wails and cries before transitioning to spoken word poetry before returning to soaring and powerful peaks. It isn’t hard to imagine a live performance of this track taking place in a dimly-lit church as Byrne is both allures and haunts at the same time.

Produced by Spoon drummer Jim Eno, “Demise” is the first taste off Byrne’s upcoming Eno-produced record that is yet to have a title and release date. “I recorded the song out in the forest to tape, live with my band and best friends. I wanted it to capture the demise of humanity. It’s a call to be better, to listen, to love, to be greater than our flesh seemingly permits us, and it’s an acknowledgments that we all in it together,” Byrne says.

To keep up to date on live dates, her social channels and new music you can head to her website HERE.

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