Track of the Day: Foxwarren “Everything Apart” (2018)

Formed more than a decade ago amidst the Canadian prairies, Foxwarren are set to release their debut self-titled record via ANTI- Records at the end of the month. In anticipation of it’s release the band have dropped the infectious lead single – “Everything Apart”.

Foxwarren is comprised of siblings and childhood friends, all of whom grew up in small towns across the Canadian prairies. The band comprises of Andy Shuaf (guitars/keys/vocals), Dallas Bryson (guitar/vocals), and brothers Darryl & Avery Kissick on bass and drums/percussion respectively. If there is an air of familiarity to their sound, you’re likely already familiar with Shauf’s solo output. Indeed, his recent touring and recording schedule is largely the cause of the slow release of their debut record. 

As opening singles go, “Everything Apart” is a winner, although interestingly the band have suggested it “felt like a real experiment and was almost left off the album”. Built around a krautrock inspired backbone, the song quickly hooks the listener in with its mixture of existential lyrics and propulsive instrumentation. There’s also something about the way Shauf delivers those lyrics that’s completely engaging too. 

As if the song wasn’t enough, the band have also released an accompanying music video. Directed by the Ft. Langley Production Company, the video taps into the song’s propulsive ticking clock percussion, producing a micro cold war thriller which pays homage to many of the era’s tropes.  

It might’ve taken the band ten years to release their debut, but if “Everything Apart” is anything to go by, it will have been well worth the wait. 

“Everything Apart” is available now. Foxwarren will be released November 30th via ANTI- Records, and can be preordered HERE. You can also find the band on Facebook and Twitter.

Header Image: Chris Graham

Simon Clark

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