Track of the Day: Emily C. Browning feat. Ariza “Outgoing” (2018)

Mix New Zealand grown guitar tunes with Colombian producing skill and you get “Outgoing”, our track of the day. Emily C. Browning, the sweetheart from the island, started fiddling around on the guitar at a young age, before eventually moving on to graduating with a Bachelor Degree in Music Arts. Her jazz influenced guitar play and a gentle voice have gained her a huge social media following, as well as tours across the US, with a sold out show in her now home base of Los Angeles. The short clips of her playing covers of the grand masters of Jazz and soul, or her own songs, display her unique talent and her deep passion for music making.

Browning is a member of the all female LA songwriter collective Her Songs, who have recently dropped their first songs, “Holding My Own” and “Just A Phase”. However, “Outgoing”, is just her second ever single as a solo artist, following on from last year’s release “Lover”. Accompanying her refined guitar play on the single is the Colombia-born producer, guitarist and composer Juan Carreno Ariza. The twenty-three year old graduated from Berklee College of Music and has been working as a freelance producer and musician since.

The single which dropped on Friday, is a beautifully mellow piece of music. The slow ethereal synth sounds mingle with Browning’s electric guitar, whilst she sings with a voice as soft and silky as a feather. The melodies run so effortlessly that four minutes seem to pass within seconds, yet it feels like you have been listening for hours. “Outgoing” can be played on repeat without getting dull and beautifully enriches any situation, whether you are relaxing by the beach or on your way home from a stressful day, with its dreamy indie pop sound. Towards the end the smooth dynamic shifts peak in a jazzy guitar solo rounding up this elaborately composed track perfectly.

“Outgoing” is available now. You can find more about Emily C. Browning on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or via her Official Site.

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