Track of the Day: Bianca Rose “Run & Hide” (2019)

British/Nigerian/Jamaican singer-songwriter Bianca Rose has returned with her new single, “Run & Hide”;  the first release since her 2017 debut album No Fear Here. Written with and produced by Jake Isaac, “Run & Hide” encourages us to feel our feelings, especially surrounding loss, and not bottling up your emotions, or allowing yourself to get stuck in the past. 

According to Rose, “this is one of those songs where I didn’t know what I was writing about until I started writing it. The words became the idea. The lyrics flowed from a subconscious place, tapping into feelings of loss where emotions are so acute and all encompassing, that you want the pain to both leave and stay. The aftermath of loss can be confusing, but at the same time, past memories can be the guiding lights for the new road ahead.”

The single marks something of a change in Rose’s musical direction with the introduction of synths and heavy bass shifting her sound into a more alternative RnB territory. Certainly, whichever genre you’d like to slot it into, it remains a beautiful song, both in sentiment and style. The stripped back, subtle melancholy of the instrumentation gives Rose’s vocal room to shine, and what a stunning vocal it is. 

“Run & Hide” is available now. You can keep up to date with Bianca via her Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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Simon Clark

Simon Clark is the Books Editor at the AU review. A reader of books and admirer of songs, Simon has a PhD in English and Comparative Literature. All errant apostrophes are his, and his alone. You can find him on Twitter and Instagram at @simonjclark