Track of the Day: Dress Thèque “Gone Mad” (2019)

Brit-pop inspired genre benders Dress Thèque are back with their third single, “Gone Mad”. The Sydney based band is made up of Julian Wilkinson, Michael Thurbin, Daniel Nutton, John Wineberg, and cites Pink Floyd, New Order, and The Stone Roses amongst their influences.

“Gone Mad” is described as “an ode to everything that’s come out of Manchester”, and just one listen confirms that to be true, as Dress Thèque blends that uniquely British 90s sound with a futuristic element all their own.

Of the track, the band said:

“We jammed as many of those [Manchester] sounds our own into the song; the soul fuelled rhythm of Stone Roses, the spoken word samples and keyboard breakdowns of Primal Scream (Glasgow’s loan to Manchester), the ‘too loud’ guitar mix of early Oasis, all of it in one.

“Even the song name is a reference to Shaun Ryder’s autobiography Twisting My Melon, where he gives detail of the first-time ecstasy came to Manchester and how the youth spawned a rave culture that would shape music forever.”

You can check out the track, and accompanying music video (dir. Rhys Day) below!

Dress Thèque will be hitting the road from this weekend. Catch them at the following venues:

  • 20/4 – The Last Chance R & R Bar, Melbourne
  • 26/4 – Botany View Hotel, Sydney
  • 4/5 – Ric’s Bar, Brisbane
  • 11/5 – Rad Bar, Wollongong

In the meantime, you can follow them on Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram for updates!

Photo credit: Declan McWhinney

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