Exclusive Single Premiere: Jackie Brown Jr “Best Friend” (2018)

Sydney band Jackie Brown Jr are dropping their new single “Best Friend” this Thursday, but we at the AU are giving you your first exclusive listen today. The track is as infectious as it is hypnotic; blending a wild array of genres to make for a track that is uniquely their own. Jazz, Soul, Indie Rock – even Hip Hop – can all be found in their track.

I mean the rapper known as DOBBY plays drums on the track, so you can understand where some of the broad instrumental inspiration is coming from…

The track is taken from their new EP, which is due at the end of October. Lead vocalist Maddy had this to say about the track:

“Best Friend” is a bit of an interesting one because it sounds like the happiest song in the world, but really it’s an imagined scenario of my best friend dying and my inability to cope with or comprehend it.

Why is it that the best songs are often the saddest? But we can still dance to it can’t we? I know I will. It’s fast becoming one of my favourite tracks of the year…

Listen to the single here:

“Best Friend” officially drops this Thursday, 20th September. To keep tabs on the band ahead of the release of the single, and the EP in October, head to their official Facebook Page.

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Larry Heath

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