Book Review: Peter Spearritt’s Where History Happened is like the great Australian bite…of facts & history

December 6, 2018

He loves a sunburnt country; a land of sweeping plains. Okay, that was actually Dorothea Mackellar. But the same also applies to Peter Spearritt. This historian, emeritus professor and author shows a real enthusiasm for the wonderful land of Oz in Where History Happened: The Hidden Past of Australia’s Towns & Places. This is one personal, colourful and […]

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Book Review: Andrew Miller’s Now We Shall Be Entirely Free is a well-researched piece of literary historical fiction that, sadly, just misses the mark

November 30, 2018

On a stormy night in 1809, Captain John Lacroix returns home from a disastrous campaign on the Continent. Shaken by the events he witnessed in a little Spanish village while his army retreated, he cannot bring himself to report back to his regiment when the call comes. Instead, he deserts, making his way to the […]

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Book Review: Philip Norman’s Slowhand celebrates Eric Clapton’s life as a bluesbreaker

November 29, 2018

To some people, Eric Clapton is god. But for author and journalist, Philip Norman, the Slowhand guitarist is unquestionably human. A talented star sure, but also a fallible guy. Slowhand: The Life & Music of Eric Clapton is a detailed biography covering Clapton’s extraordinary career. Clapton’s life has been chronicled before. The legendary artist has […]

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Book Review: In Minette Walters’ The Turn of Midnight plague and political intrigue collide

November 28, 2018

Crime writer Minette Walters once again turns her hand to historical fiction, picking up where last year’s The Last Hours left off. As the Black Death continues its march across Europe, the small demesne of Develish owes its survival to the policies of cleanliness and isolation, put in place by Lady Anne and her closest […]

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Book Review: Toni Jordan’s latest novel The Fragments is a delight for bibliophiles

November 22, 2018

Standing in line for an exhibit on the life of novelist, Inga Karlsson, Caddie Walker meets a mysterious woman who appears to know more about Karlsson and her famous lost work than anyone could possibly know. Caddie, a Karlsson devotee, becomes obsessed with finding out who this woman is, and if it’s possible that she […]

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Book Review: Rachel Cassidy’s Stalked shows some of the human costs associated with this heinous crime

November 21, 2018

Rachel Cassidy has inadvertently become an authority on stalking. The CEO of the Anti-bullying Council and charity worker was once stalked. So she decided to write a book to shine a light on these issues to ensure that victims might not feel alone. Cassidy thus proves that the victims of this crime are not always […]

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Book Review: Matt Noffs and Kieran Palmer’s Addicted? highlights how addiction affects every one of us

November 20, 2018

What springs to your mind when you hear someone has an addiction? Drugs, gambling, porn, coffee or even smart phones? Maybe none of those, some of those and maybe even all of those. It has got you thinking though hasn’t it? In Addicted?, authors Matt Noffs and Kieran Palmer examine the ways in which addiction […]

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Book Review: Alice Pung’s evocative set of essays Close To Home invites you into her Australian wonderland

November 19, 2018

Alice Pung reckons she grew up not always understanding where she fit in. But, things have changed and she now has a distinctive voice in her writing. The Chinese-Australian author has published her memoirs, several books of young adult fiction, and has had pieces feature regularly in The Monthly. And that’s all when she’s not […]

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It’s not just Peking Duk: 5 musicians you didn’t know wrote children’s books

November 15, 2018

Musicians seem to be a pretty multi-talented bunch. Some of them find themselves in television and movies el la Cher and others find themselves walking the runway like Young Thug. What you might not expect however, is the amount of musicians who have delved into a different sort of profession. Writing children’s books! Rockstars expanding […]

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Five Books You Need To Read This Month: November

November 13, 2018

Another month. Another five books. We might be getting closer to Christmas, but there’s nothing particularly “festive” about this month’s five titles. Though they’d all make wonderful gifts for the book lover in your life. It is a particularly fiction heavy list this month, with a debut short story collection, a highly anticipated second novel, […]

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Book Review: Jameson Ketchum’s Echo Boom reveals a story behind the story

November 9, 2018

Inaugural novella, Echo Boom, by Jameson Ketchum has landed, with music journalist, publicist and Hopecore Magazine columnist Ketchum taking us on a diarised journey through the words and mind of fictional “writer” Edward Caspian. An over thinker to the end, Caspian, guides the reader through his twenty-nine year friendship with his friend, Giles Green, who has […]

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Book Review: Sohaila Abdulali’s What We Talk About When We Talk About Rape is an uncomfortable yet vital discourse on sexual assault and its aftermath

November 8, 2018

Combining memoir, social science, and collected stories, author Sohaila Abdulali provides readers with a well-researched exploration of the many discursive threads surrounding rape and sexual assault. It is, quite simply, a vital piece of literature for the post #MeToo world and beyond. All around the world, definitions differ, and coping mechanisms vary, making the topic both […]

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Book Review: Di Morrissey’s Arcadia is a modern mystery in a timeless Tasmanian forest

November 7, 2018

Australia’s favourite storyteller, Di Morrissey, returns with her Twenty-sixth book, Arcadia, a modern mystery born in a timeless Tasmanian forest. Set in the 1930’s, Arcadia tells the story of a young new wife, Stella, as she arrives at her husbands isolated property in Tasmania, where she finds love and beauty nestled amongst the nearby untouched forest. The […]

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Review: Personal narratives take centre stage at the Feminist Writer’s Festival in Sydney

November 7, 2018

Established in 2016, the Feminist Writer’s Festival aims to support and promote feminist writers in Australia. For the first time this biennial festival came to Sydney, and over the course of two and a half days this writer attended a total of ten talks. Topics of the talks ranged from Writing and Speaking Indigenous Lives […]

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Book Review: Alice Nelson’s The Children’s House is a moving and poetic meditation on grief and motherhood

November 6, 2018

New York, 1997. Marina, an academic who has been working on a book about members of the Hasidic community meets Constance, a young Rwandan woman who has come to America after the genocide. Marina watches as Constance walks away from her young son as he has a tantrum in the street and is struck by […]

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Book Review: Queerstories sees Australia’s finest queer writers become an open book

November 5, 2018

Queerstories is a popular event where Australia’s best LGBTQI+ writers gather for some good, old-fashioned storytelling. The show began at the Late Night Library in Kings Cross, Sydney and has gone on to tour other states and towns. It makes sense that, because this all began in a library that people should be able to […]

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Five Arts events not to miss around Australia this November

November 2, 2018

Summer is closing in, and you know exactly what that means. Australia is home to some of the biggest and brightest selections of entertainment and there is no doubt that coming up there will be something for everybody. From Jazz Festivals to Comedy shows, November is jam-packed with ah-mazing events and we aren’t going to […]

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Book Review: Jessica Townsend throws open the doors to the Wundrous Society in Wundersmith: The Calling of Morrigan Crow

November 2, 2018

After escaping Jackalfax for good, and discovering her powers as a Wundersmith, twelve-year-old Morrigan Crow is excited to finally be starting her training at the elite Wundrous Society. But, others within the Society are convinced Morrigan is dangerous, and with Wunsoc members going missing, her patron Jupiter North doesn’t have time to help her navigate […]

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Book Review: In Melissa Fagan’s What Will Be Worn: A McWhirters Story family history meets a Fortitude Valley icon

November 1, 2018

McWhirters, a heritage listed building sitting on the corner of Brunswick and Wickham, is a Brisbane landmark, these days operating as a shopping centre, an apartment block, and a very obvious map marker for those lost in the depths of the Valley. But, in What Will Be Worn: A McWhirters Story, the name emblazoned on […]

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Book Review: David Cohen’s The Hunter and Other Stories of Men is an offbeat look into the minds of men

October 24, 2018

Brisbane author David Cohen has put together a much anticipated collection of short stories in the form of his new book The Hunter and Other Stories of Men. The collection contains eighteen stories, most around the ten page mark, whilst some of which were published in various publications between 2004 and 2017. With some of the stories […]

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