Author: Nazia Hafiz

Nazia Hafiz is a contributor for the AU Review and is always on the go, fuelled by wanderlust, adventure, culinary cravings and epic social events. Follow her on instagram @infinitenoms.

Film Review: Free Solo (USA, 2018) an unflinching look at scaling a 3200 foot rock without a rope

January 12, 2019

Whether it be physical or academic it is without a doubt that greatness and feats of greatness require a certain level of determination, mental grit and skill that very few are willing to foster within themselves. Alex Honnold however meets those qualities in the unlikeliest of ways in documentary/semi biopic Free Solo, a story of […]

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Japanese Film Festival Review: One Cut of the Dead (Japan, 2017) is a genius take on the Zombie comedy genre

November 22, 2018

One Cut of the Dead is not your run of the mill Zombie film, nor should any moviegoer make the same mistake as this reviewer and assume they’re going to go watch a Japanese version of Shaun of the Dead as they’ll find themselves completely flabbergasted by what’s put in front of them. In a […]

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Applejack launch their first sleek Sydney CBD venue Bopp & Tone

November 19, 2018

Hospitality group Applejack known for producing unconventional yet elegant venues (The Butler Potts Point, The Botanist Kirribilli, SoCal Sydney, Della Hyde) have launched a new restaurant and bar at their first Sydney CBD location, just a stone’s throw from Wynyard station on Carrington street. Dubbed Bopp & Tone, founders Hamish Watts and Ben Carroll’s latest […]

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Live Review: Thunderstorm doesn’t dampen Taylor Swift’s triumphant return to Sydney

November 3, 2018

Pop powerhouse Taylor Swift is on her second visit to our fair country having graced our shores as part of her 1989 World Tour three years ago, flaunting a larger than life stadium show that somehow entertains and inspires without completely losing those moments of intimacy and connection Swift fans treasure. Swift wisely showcases a […]

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Grant’s unveil new Triple Wood Blended Scotch in Australia

October 17, 2018

Supplier of Australia’s second Scotch of choice Grant’s Whisky have launched a brand new blended scotch sporting a fresh new look and name as part of a global re-branding exercise. Grant’s Triple Wood Blended Scotch Whisky was unveiled this week at Grant William & Sons offices in North Sydney, its eye catching amber colour and […]

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Three Sydney food events not to be missed this August

August 10, 2018

I know I know, it’s cold – you don’t want to get out of your snuggie, you’re firmly planted in front of your nice warm not by any means energy saving heater and the thought of going anywhere is just not a thing that’s happening right now. But you have to eat at some point […]

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